So close, yet so far

Border Fence Kenny

My most recent project with Al Jazeera took me to the US-Mexico border.  I’ve been before, but this time was different.  We visited Friendship Park, the only place in the …

Video Blog: Outside the OR

Migraine Video Blog

Just steps from the operating room, David reflects on watching Dr. Ahmed Afifi perform a surgical procedure to reduce chronic migraine pain.

Who saved Marcus Garvey Elementary?

Asean Johnson

Could one student have single-handedly spared his school from closure? Probably not, but he sure does have the charm.

Cool Stories from the Past


For David, the best part of being a journalist are the people you meet along the way. Some of them make you smile, others cry, and occasionally just scratch your head.

Video Blog: Behind the OFS Story

David OFS Blog

David discusses how he found the Operation Fresh Start story and shares his thoughts on Donnie’s arrest.

It’s a blessing to call the plumber


Recently I moved into a new house. In the midst of settling in we discovered an unsettling problem.